Cheminformatics and drug designing

Prerequisite: Bachelors (Pursuing / Completed),

Assessment:  Exams at end of course, Certificate:  Yes


Bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics data analysis is the most worked upon field in this decade. This information is successfully being used in drug designing.   The cheminformatics and drug designing course gives molecular biologist an insight into the principles and technologies used in data analysis and their application to address biological problems related to medicine, cure and well being of the human kind. Traditional ways of treating diseases will not stop of a large number of deaths occurring across the globe due to communicable and non-communicable diseases. Cheminformatics focused on drug designing enables understanding of interaction of genes and proteins in animal, plants and microbes. The course provides an overview of the principles of cheminformatics, drug designing and its applications in pharmaceutical industry.  The course also covers online softwares and technologies forcheminformatics and drug designing.


This cheminformatics and drug designing course provides an introduction to cheminformatics, its history and events which led to the evolution of this science. This cheminformatics and drug designing online course describes in detail the online softwares and tools used for prediction and testing the efficacy of drug. The course also develops key concepts for manipulation of metabolic pathways and modulates them for enhanced production of desired products or blocking the undesired substances which makes it bestcheminformatics and drug designing course in India.  The cheminformatics and drug designing course syllabus includes lectures, presentations and project-based training designed on the inputs from academia and industry. The training aims at basic skill development to advance data analysis skills. The additional proteomics trainings (See proteomics training in India 2018) are also included in the curriculum


Introduction to Cheminformatics

Introduction to Cheminformatics: Principles and Application

Drug designing

Drug designing: Principles and Application

Biological databases

Biological databases used in Cheminformatics and Drug designing

Bioinformatics softwares and tools

Bioinformatics softwares and tools to Drug designing


Vanercia Internal Professor

Phd. Doctorate


Bioinformatics and genome analysis is now being applied to various fields such as medicines and vaccine development, agriculture, industrial biotechnology and environmental remediation. The skilled persons are indispensable for research as well as industry. This science integrates molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, developmental biology and medicinal research, therefore, entrepreneurship is also an important career taken up by student equipped with knowledge of molecular genetics, bioinformatics softwares and data analysis tools.


10 +2 (Sciences) / Bachelors

(Pursuing / Completed)

Indian Student

Rs 8,000 + Rs 2,000 (Exam Fee)

+ Rs 2,000 (Practical Training One Week)

Foreign Student

$ 350 + $ 200 (Exam Fee)

+ $ 200 (Practical Training One Week)

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