Patent Drafting

Prerequisite: Bachelors (Pursuing / Completed),

Assessment:  Exams at end of course, Certificate:  Yes,


The Patent drafting is preparation of very specific document about the technology covering all the legal, social and economical aspect. A patent should be drafted under the specified rule and regulation. The course is designed for all those professionals who donot have prior knowledge of patent drafting. The interactive modules are designed to cover fundamentals of patent drafting. Lots of practice sessions are included to make student through in subject. Thus aspiring students and professionals can have successful and respectable career which brings great sense of achievement.


Vanercia is the best institute to provide patent drafting online course in India. The all the patent courses are run with partner patent firms with the objective to make participant equipped with appropriate knowledge of patent drafting techniques. The class duration is of 4hr per day (can also be adjusted in special case to weekday). All the classes are taken by India IPR experts and practitioners. The course is run for 24 hr (3weeks). Students enrolled will receive study material and workbooks for practice specially deigned to make patent drafting for beginners very easy.



Vanercia Internal Professor

Phd. Doctorate


A person with thorough knowledge of Indian patent act, patent claims drafting skills and interpretation abilities are urgently needed by the industry and academia. The professional can work either as a consultant or join a law firm. He can also associate himself with the patent department of an academic institution or R&D based industry. Further, working in LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) or a KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) is another lucrative option.



(Science, Engineering, Technology, Law)

Course Duration

3 Weeks

24 Hrs

Indian Student

Rs 8,000

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